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General Information
Before each of our trail rides, we provide all our guests a few minutes of horseback riding instruction. We offer this to everyone, regardless of previous experience, in order to acquaint them with the horse they are riding.
We feel you will enjoy your ride more and be a safer rider if you have some individualized guidance right before your ride. In addition to taking away the memories of a beautiful experience, you will have a chance to learn and reinforce skills that may stay with you long after your vacation is over.
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The Big Loop Morning and Afternoon 1 hour ride - $50
This ride has a nice, comfortable pace. Those who are able to maintain their seat may have a chance for some trotting. Everyone in his or her group must also have that ability. Our trail meanders through Aspen and Pine groves, over Indian Ford Creek, and along a beaver pond.
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Gobblers Knob 1½ hour ride - $60
Enjoy a relaxed, extended ride across Indian Ford Creek, through old growth pine forests and Aspen groves, and around an ancient volcanic formation. You will enjoy spectacular views of the Three Sisters, Broken Top, Mt. Washington and Black Crater.
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Hole in the Wall Gang 2 hour ride - $70
An exciting and challenging ride, trotting along a trail lined with manzanita, and a variety of wild flowers. This ride crosses Indian Ford Creek and travels around the meadows. Trotting experience is required, and riders will be tested on their skill level. Riders must be a minimum of ten years of age for this ride.
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Reata Trail ½ day back country experience - $145 with a full lunch
This is a ride for advanced riders, in good condition, who are comfortable keeping their seat in the saddle over long distances, at varying gates. This ride offers an outstanding view of the Cascades from horseback. Several routes can be taken, each with unique points of interests. Please ask the head wrangler about options. There is a 4-rider minimum for this ride, and riders must be at least 14 years of age.
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Wilderness Ride All day wilderness ride in the Three Sisters Wilderness - $250 per rider
This ride is customized to the expectations and capabilities of the participants. Many destinations are available in the wilderness. This is the "hard charger" ride for the fit outdoor enthusiast.
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big lake Big Lake on one of our ½ day rides
big lake trail Trail next to Big Lake
big lake wildflowers Wild flowers along Big Lake trail
mt. washington Mt.Washington seen from Big Lake Trail
riders cooling off Riders and horses cooling off in a small mountain lake
high mountain lake A small mountain lake along Big Lake Trail.
Two riders who had a great day !
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