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Activities - Pack Trips
Black Butte Pack Services
  • Take a trip on the wilder side!
    • The Jefferson Wilderness
    • The Three Sisters Wilderness
    • The Washington Wilderness
  • All Day Rides, Photo Safari, Drop Camps
  • Deluxe Tent Drop Camps
  • Guided Fishing Trips, Game Retrieval
  • Visit the mountains by hoof or heel!
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    • Black Butte Pack Services are ready to take you on a spectacular scenic adventure
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  • Black Butte Stables - Pack Trips
    • Guide and his horse- $200.00 per calendar day
    • (For groups over four two guides will be needed)
    • Pack Animals - $125.00 per calendar day
    • Saddle Horses - $150.00 per calendar day
    • Two Day Minimum
  • This rate applies for Drop Camp as well as a Tent Camp
  • Tent Deluxe Drop Camp
    • Tent camp - $600.00 for the first three days
    • Each additional Day - $100.00
    • Tent camp includes:
      • One wall Tent
      • 1 fold out table
      • 4 Chairs
      • 4 Cots
      • One Camp Stove
      • Separate coffee pot burner and fuel tanks
      • 2 Lanterns
      • 2 ice chests
      • Shovel
      • Axe
      • Bucket
      • Some camp dishes(for 4 campers) and various camp supplies
  • Saddle Horses
    • All Day Wilderness Rides - $195.00 Lunch provided
    • Horses left in mountains must be guided
    • Guides will saddle, feed, water and be responsible for all of the horse's care
    • Riders will have guide present at all times while on the horses
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Black Butte Stables LLC is an equal opportunity recreation provider
under special use permit administered by the US Forest Service, Sisters Ranger District.
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